About Polyfend

Polyfend Polychem provide services in the areas of roofing and other building materials for your dream home. We provide best in class services for finishing up your dream home.


We provide roofing solutions and best in class designs manufactured by IKO. IKO is a family owned company that has been committed to manufacturing quality residential and commercial roofing products since 1951. IKO sets the standard for quality, durability, and innovation.

We are the importers and distributors of the premium roofing shingles manufactured by IKO.

Why use shingles?
Low installation costs, due to simplicity
Light weight, allows for a light and economical roof structures; from 9.5 Kg/sqm (3-tab) to 12 Kg/sqm (Laminated)
Maintenance free
Easy to repair or re-roof
Thermo acoustic properties (reduces noise)

Why use IKO manufactured products for roofing?
Sustainability: IKO’s zero debt and vertical integration makes us one the most sustainable roofing programs in the industry with the highest quality Quality: warranty for our vertical integrations and better raw materials.
Shingle Weight: One of the heaviest laminates available in its class in the marketplace.
Shingle Size: IKO’s larger-than-metric “Advantage-Sized” shingles help contractors improve profitability through a reduction in material and labor costs.
With distributors located over 100 countries, you can be assure of our dedication and commitment with our international markets.

Why IKO Shingles?